Immediately after touching ground, the rescued migrants are brought into confined areas. In these spaces they are welcomed and cared for, but also kept waiting for a new destination. Hundreds of people remain unidentified for quite some time in a state where civil rights, nationality, and destiny are momentarily suspended. This indefinite state of time and space is a physical and political limbo. We've worked out five variations on the subject to try to understand what it's like to live in this state and then relate that to the public.

In Limbo is a project developed by the students of Abadir Academy.

Course: Design 2
Professor: Francesco Librizzi
Interaction design tutor and development: Gianluca Monaco
Students: Lucia Andaloro, Giordana Bonanno, Lucia Calà, Sally Cammisuli, Anna Cicero, Simona Di Grazia, Giulia Di Bennardo, Emanuela Distefano, Alessandro La Porta, Eleonora Maltese, Davide Martignetti, Chiara Pettinato, Antonio Santisi, Danilo Scappatura, Federica Sciuto, Gianmarco Toscano

Practical and symbolic experiments in design
A project by Abadir Accademia di Design e Arti Visive
Curated by Domitilla Dardi

During the 25th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana (BIO 25 - FARAWAY, SO CLOSE), In Limbo will be displayed at Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Slovenia.