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A checkerboard to play Dama. Two sets of checkers are on opposite sides. One group starts moving to reach the opposite shore. But the checkers are all of the same color and when mixed, the game's dynamics are no longer clear; all are in the same condition. At this point, even the squares on the chessboard start to move, generating a screen where orange checkers try to pass from the blue (sea) squares to the white ones (earth). The viewer moves the checkers and is involved in a dynamic of rescue, just a few moves after having started playing. After having saved all the checkers on "earth", the viewer realizes that the blue squares have created a closed enclosure all around them. All the checkers are saved, on earth, but they are imprisoned in a space with no way-out. It then becomes clear that by moving the checkers, some gates open for a few moments on the sides of the enclosure. The player can move the checkers and then bring them out of LIMBO, staging a mass race toward the escape route.