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Do you know where are they from?

Are you many?

Do you know what they have been through?

Do you accept them?

Are they stealing your job?

Is it an invasion?

Are you scared?

Are we equal?

Is there a safe place?

Are you travelling?

Are you embarrassed?

Did you get lost?

Are you one of them?

You like them, right?

Did it hurt?

Did you leave something important?

Do you feel lonely?

We are protecting you. Do you see?

Is it interesting to you?

Is this an emergency?

Are you worried?

Are they going to help us?

They’re criminals. True?

Are they a resource?

Did you have other options?

Are you ready to lose everything?

Do you want to be my friend?

Would you have sex with them?

Did you give up?

Are you taking them apart?

You’re an invader. Aren’t you?

Are you against it?

Is a neglected phenomenon?

Was your trip long?

Keep away! Got it?

Do you know why they left?

Is it hard?

Do you feel humiliated?

Do you like here?

Do you know why I’m here?

Do you need anything?

Would you help them?

Then do we have the same rights?

Do you belong to any place?

Are you a refugee?

Would you do it again?

Am I a part of it?

Are you welcoming?

Are you escaping?

Do you want tell me more?

The holophony is a stereophonic recording system that reproduces the position of a sound within a space with a remarkably realistic effect. Thanks to the balance of dynamics between the left and right auditory channels, one has the feeling of perceiving the boundaries of the auditory space between one's two ears. The space between the left and right hearing channels corresponds to a color on the screen in shades ranging from red (right) to blue (left). A series of questions is posed to the viewer for which he/she must choose between YES or NO, thereby revealing his/her attitude towards migrants as PRO (left, blue) or AGAINST (right, red).